Himalayan Mountains

Dentistry at East Piedmont was founded on one simple principle: to build a practice that treated all patients like family. Knowing the important role our friends and community have played in the success of Dentistry at East Piedmont, Dr. Ashish Patel and his team do what they can to give back to charitable organizations – both around the world and in the Atlanta community — as an important part of our philosophy.

And one of our favorite ways to accomplish that is through hands-on work. Dr. Patel is proud to serve with Flying Doctors of America, where he has traveled to Bolivia, Africa, the Marshall Islands, and India to provide medical and dental assistance to those in need.

Flying Doctors of America has been bringing together physicians, dentists, and other health professionals to care for people who otherwise would never receive professional medical care for more than 20 years.

Mission Work at Dentistry at East Piedmont in Marietta, GA
Dr. Patel at the Majuro Hospital in The Republic of The Marshall Islands
Marietta General Dentist Flying Doctors Mission Work