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Let’s face it. You might be thinking dental visits are no fun. You may even be guilty of waiting as long as possible to schedule routine cleanings or treatment out of fear and anxiety.

At our office, Dr. Patel and the rest of the team strive to provide every patient with comfortable and efficient dental care. We live by one code: treat every patient as if they were a family member, from working on their teeth to building a personal relationship.

That’s why we make sure to use the most up-to-date technology and offer complementary dental-spa amenities. We also offer sedation dentistry to any patient suffering from dental anxiety.

We want every patient to have an as pleasant experience in the dental chair as he or she possibly can – that will make you completely change the way you think about your next dental visit.

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Experience the Pinnacle of Comfort: Our Luxury Dental Spa Amenities

Paraffin Hand Wax Treatment

Massaging Back Chairs

Noise Cancelling Headphones

At Dentistry at East Piedmont, we redefine the dental visit. We believe that total patient comfort is paramount, and our approach to dental care is as much about luxury as it is about health. Under the guidance of Dr. Patel and our skilled team, every aspect of your visit is crafted to transcend the ordinary, making your dental experience not just comfortable, but truly indulgent.

Indulge in our array of exclusive amenities designed for your utmost relaxation.

Prioritize Your Oral Health

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Good oral health is the cornerstone of overall wellbeing, and at Dentistry at East Piedmont, we’re dedicated to ensuring that every visit contributes to the lasting health of your smile. Our approach begins with a thorough understanding of your dental needs and concerns, ensuring that each treatment plan is as unique as you are. Whether it’s a routine check-up, a specific dental concern, or a long-term care plan, we’re here to provide you with top-notch, compassionate dental care. Book your appointment now to experience comprehensive dental care tailored to your individual needs.

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