Our Mission Work:

Extending Compassionate Care Beyond Borders

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A Practice Rooted in Community and Compassion

At Dentistry at East Piedmont, our ethos extends far beyond the walls of our practice. Founded on the principle of treating every patient like family, our commitment to care radiates into our community in Atlanta and across the globe. Dr. Ashish Patel and our dedicated team are deeply invested in giving back, supporting charitable endeavors that align with our core belief in service and compassion.

Hands-On Global Outreach

One of our most fulfilling ways of contributing is through direct, hands-on involvement. Dr. Patel, driven by a passion to make a tangible difference, collaborates with Flying Doctors of America. His journeys with this remarkable organization have taken him to Bolivia, Africa, the Marshall Islands, and India, providing essential medical and dental care to underprivileged communities.

More Than Two Decades of Global Healing

For over 20 years, Flying Doctors of America has been a beacon of hope, uniting healthcare professionals in a shared mission to bring skilled medical care to those who would otherwise go without. This organization embodies the spirit of altruism and global responsibility, values that are deeply ingrained in the ethos of Dentistry at East Piedmont.

Mission Work at Dentistry at East Piedmont in Marietta, GA
Dr. Patel at the Majuro Hospital in The Republic of The Marshall Islands
Marietta General Dentist Flying Doctors Mission Work

Ashish Patel, DDS
Dr. Ashish Patel, a graduate of Indiana University School of Dentistry, has practiced in the Atlanta Area since 1996. More than a specialist cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry he teaches. Traveling throughout the USA teaching dentist new cosmetic and restorative skills. Besides all of that Dr. Patel has found another calling alleviating pain and suffering amongst the world’s poor. In the past years he has donated his skills and service in the mountain of the Himalayas, the Solomon Islands, the Marshall Islands and where his parents were born – Kenya.