Natalee Jarrett

Patient Coordinator

Meet Natalee, our dedicated Patient Coordinator, whose journey in dentistry began five years ago in a sterilization role with no prior dental knowledge. Through her determination and hands-on experience, Natalee has mastered various positions in the field, continuously expanding her skills and knowledge. Currently pursuing a degree in dental hygiene alongside her duties at our practice, Natalee exemplifies commitment to growth and education in dental health.

Natalee’s breadth of experience spans pediatric, orthodontic, cosmetic, and general dentistry, equipping her with a versatile understanding of dental care. Her primary goal is to help patients grasp the significance of oral health and assist them in achieving their dream smiles. The opportunity to get to know our sweet patients and contribute to their dental journey is what Natalee cherishes most about her role.

Outside the office, Natalee enjoys exploring the outdoors, hiking, engaging in jeep activities, and losing herself in a good book. Her adventurous spirit and love for nature are matched by her imaginative wish for telekinesis, envisioning it as the ultimate superpower.

With “California Gurls” by Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg as her go-to soundtrack, Natalee brings a vibrant and upbeat energy to our practice. Her favorite travel destination, Costa Rica, reflects her love for adventure and experiencing new cultures.

Natalee’s journey from sterilization to patient coordination, coupled with her ongoing pursuit of dental hygiene, is a testament to her dedication and passion for dentistry. We are thrilled to have Natalee as part of our team, where her enthusiasm, knowledge, and patient-focused approach make a significant impact on our practice and the community we serve.