Samantha Measom, RDA

Dental Assistant

At the heart of our dental team is Samantha, a dedicated Dental Assistant whose journey in the dental field began in early 2019 after receiving her RDA license from Utah Valley Dental Assisting. Samantha’s passion for dentistry is rooted in a lifelong commitment to oral hygiene and a childhood dream of working in the dental field. Her expertise spans a broad range of specialized procedures, including sedations, surgeries, laser dentistry, and CEREC technology, with a particular fondness for oral surgery. Samantha finds deep satisfaction in all things related to extractions and implants, reveling in the intricate processes that restore smiles and confidence.

What truly motivates Samantha is the opportunity to witness and contribute to patients’ transformative journeys. “Being there with patients from start to finish, witnessing the incredible transformations of their smiles, is profoundly rewarding,” she shares. The emotional and physical changes that come with full-mouth restorations are what Samantha finds most fulfilling about her role, highlighting the impact of her work on both the patients’ lives and her own professional satisfaction.

When not in the dental office, Samantha embraces an active and adventurous lifestyle. Whether she’s golfing, hiking, traveling, exercising, or cheering at Braves games, she loves making the most of her time outdoors and exploring new destinations. Her favorite travel memories include the vibrant streets of Barcelona, Spain, and the historical wonders of Rome, Italy.

Originally from Provo, Utah, and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, Samantha has woven a rich tapestry of experiences from her time in Salt Lake City to her recent move to the Smyrna area. Living near Truist Park with her boyfriend, she’s quickly making Georgia her new home. If she had one wish, it would be the ability to teleport to Utah to visit her family anytime she desired.

With a soundtrack to her life that resonates with the tunes of Post Malone and a heart filled with wanderlust, Samantha brings a unique blend of professional dedication and personal warmth to our practice. Her journey from the mountains of Utah to the heart of our dental family in Smyrna is a testament to her commitment to dental excellence and patient care.

Welcome Samantha to our team, where her expertise and enthusiasm continue to make a difference in our patients’ lives every day.