If you suffer from broken teeth, “Teeth in a Day” is a quick and easy solution to your pain. In this video, Dr. Patel goes over a few FAQs involving the procedure.

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video transcript

Hi there, Dr. Ashish Patel to talk to you about a common term you might have on the news or in the radio, it’s called “Teeth in a Day.”

What is “Teeth in a Day?”

Teeth in a Day” refers to implant prosthesis that goes in the exact same day that your teeth come out.

Am I a Good Candidate?

If you have a hopeless dentition or your teeth are kind of badly broken down and you’re tired of spending money on them and you want a more permanent fix, teeth in a day might be an option for you.

The Process

It’s where we actually do the surgery to remove all the rest of the teeth, place 4-6 implants in there and then fix a prosthesis that’s a temporary prosthesis in there in the exact same day so you walk out with something fixed. It’s a great alternative to dentures. Normally when we used to do this we used to extract all the teeth and then have you heal in a denture. Well, technology and implant technology has come so far that we’ve been able to actually remove the teeth, place implants, and place something fixed in your mouth all in the same day and that’s what “Teeth in a Day” is.


“If you’re gonna have that procedure done, you couldn’t find a better place to have it done.” -Ron, actual patient.

“Teeth in a Day” can also sometimes be called the “all on 4” or “all on 5” technique; it just refers to the number of implants that you use. If you’re interested in exploring your options with “Teeth in a Day,” please give our office a call, we’d love to schedule a complimentary consult.