Cosmetic dentistry has plenty of benefits, from looking your best to keeping your smile healthy. In this video, Dr. Patel discusses some of the great things you can experience when you undergo cosmetic dentistry.

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video transcript

Hi, Dr. Ashish Patel here today to talk to you today about the beauty of cosmetic dentistry.

Making an Impression

Cosmetic dentistry has so many appealing things with someone’s smile and their ability to socialize. When we go out and we smile with our friends, we tend to draw in others, bringing you closer to us because of the smile that we present. If your smile is not as aesthetic as you want, guess what? You’re not going to smile as much. It gives you that little bit of self-confidence that you can walk around and smile more boldly. And people see that – when they walk into a room and they see someone smiling, they’re like “Wow, look at that smile.”

Improved Confidence

Another beauty of cosmetic dentistry is that it changes your personality. I’ve had so many of my smile makeovers that came in kind of shy, introverted and then we give them a beautiful smile and six months later I’m going, “Wow, look at this person – they’ve come out of their shell.” So it’s really absolutely amazing what it does to their personality as a whole. Where else could you have a job where you can actually change someone’s life and change their personality in such a short amount of time.

Better Oral Health

And probably one of the most important beauty of cosmetic dentistry is the fact that it improves your overall health. Your smile’s better, that means you’re biting and chewing better and the more effectively you’re chewing, the better your nutrients are getting into your body.

So if you’re ready to get your smile makeover and discuss some of these beautiful things associated with cosmetic dentistry give our office a call: 770-321-5558.