Should I get BOTOX?BOTOX® injections have been steadily rising in popularity for over a decade now and with good reason. BOTOX® can solve a whole array of problems, from diminishing the appearance of smile lines to decreasing TMJ-related pain.

BOTOX® injections only take 10 minutes or less, and the results are noticeable within 2-10 days. Not everyone is a good candidate for BOTOX®, though. We’ve outlined a few factors to help determine if it’s the right treatment for you:

General Health

BOTOX® candidates should be in good overall health. This treatment is not suitable for those who suffer from or have a history of nerve damage or muscle conditions, such as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or Multiple Sclerosis (MS).


Unfortunately, the older you are, the less likely BOTOX® is to produce noticeable results. The best candidates will be less than 50 years old, as by that age your skin has thinned considerably. Additionally, BOTOX® is not FDA approved for anyone over the age of 65.

Condition of Skin

BOTOX® should not be administered if you have a skin disorder or infection at the planned site of injection. Those with sensitive skin should take an allergy test before the procedure to ensure none of the ingredients will produce a negative reaction.

BOTOX® is not suitable for those with heavy eyelids, as the injection may numb the muscles so much that the patient’s eyelids close involuntarily. BOTOX® is also unable to diminish the appearance of scars.

Type of Wrinkles

Do you have dynamic wrinkles or static wrinkles? Dynamic wrinkles occur from repetitive facial expressions or motions that cause the skin to move. Static wrinkles show up with the loss of elasticity, collagen, and fat, and are visible at all times, regardless of what expression you’re making.

BOTOX® works better on dynamic wrinkles than static, but what matters even more is the severity of your wrinkles; the more deep-set your wrinkles are, the less BOTOX® can do to correct them.

Desired Results and Expectations

BOTOX® is the perfect temporary solution for those seeking dramatic change without undergoing invasive procedures; it is not an option for those seeking long-lasting results. You should also take into consideration how important having an extensive range of expressions is to you personally or concerning your career. Because BOTOX® is essentially a numbing solution, it may not be the best idea for actors, therapists, or others who heavily rely on conveying specific emotions with their facial expressions.

Though these are all important considerations, only a medical professional will be able to tell whether you’re a suitable candidate for BOTOX®. If you’re suffering from TMJ pain or simply desire to eliminate your smile lines, schedule a consultation today to see if BOTOX® is right for you.

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