When patients are suffering from major dental issues, we offer beautiful, custom-fitted dental implants as a permanent solution to restore your smile. In this video, Dr. Patel talks to Rob about his dental restoration story.

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video transcript

Dr. P: Alright, so I’m here with one of our favorite patients. Tell us your name and your age.

R: My name is Rob Allen and I’m 44 years old.

Dr. P: Alright, so Rob came to us probably about 3 or 4 months ago and we decided that he definitely needed our help. When you came to us tell us about where you were with your teeth and what happened to them.

R: I had an accident and my teeth pretty much suffered from it cause I didn’t have any money to take care of them and we ended up having to remove them per your instruction and I needed to get dentures to improve my life. I was depressed and everything from it.

Dr. P: And so how did the surgery part of it go?

R: Oh, with ease. I mean, I wasn’t expecting it to be that easy, I didn’t feel anything. You guys were just amazing with it.

Dr. P: Well you were definitely a good patient, that’s for sure. He made my job really, really easy. Okay, so the teeth were broken down, we took out all the teeth. What was our plan? What did we talk about and what did you want to do and what was the most important thing for you in this whole process?

R: To get dentures and improve my life.

Dr. P: Alright. So how were you chewing your food with all those broken teeth?

R: Oh, I wasn’t. I mean, I was swallowing it, I was not being able to eat very well. I was swallowing things pretty much whole. It was not fun, I lost a lot of weight.

Dr. P: Okay and so when we gave you your new smile here, tell us what that experience was like. I know we took some impressions and we had some try-ins. Tell us how that went.

R: It went really well and it was life-changing. I mean, honestly life-changing.

Dr. P: He was definitely one of my easier denture patients cause he’s just such a good mindset with the whole thing. Tell us some of the positive things that have changed since you can now smile and eat and do all that stuff.

R:  I’ve gained a lot of weight, I’ve made a lot more friends, I’m more open. I mean, the confidence level just skyrocketed.

Dr. P: And now that you’re wearing your new teeth are you having any trouble them? Tell us what the greatest challenge with them was.

R: The only challenge was really getting to be able to learn to speak with them. That, you know, it’s tricky sometimes.

Dr. P: That’s true with anyone.

R: Right.

Dr. P: Anyone who gets a new set of teeth, it’s definitely an adjustment because they haven’t had teeth there for a long time but you’re speaking really good now and that’s just a short amount of time so we’re really proud of him. What about chewing and eating, any difficulty there?

R: I mean, there was an adjustment, of course, because the bottom one tends to move but you get used to it. You learn how to move your tongue and the way you guys did them, I wasn’t expecting it to be so easy. You guys made everything so easy.

Dr. P: Awesome. And what about your bite, how does that feel?

R: Feels great.

Dr. P: That’s awesome. So what does the future hold for Rob? Tell us what the next step in your life is here.

R: I mean, no bounds, honestly. I really, really think I can go way farther than what I’ve gone. There’s no bounds with it at this point.

Dr. P: That’s awesome. What did your wife say about it?

R: She cried.

Dr. P: That’s awesome.

R: When she saw me in the waiting room when she came out she was literally in tears. And when I went to Publix and ate and the first time I bit down on corn I had never, I mean, the flavor, I was like “oh my god” and she started crying right there in Publix.

Dr. P: Aww, that’s awesome.

R: Yeah, it was great.

Dr. P: Well, we love doing cases like this with good patients like you it’s super easy. If you have any questions or you are interested in getting a smile makeover that sometimes involve even dentures, even for somebody so young after an accident, please call our office and we’d love to take care of you, as well. Thanks again, Rob.

R: Thank you.