7 common problems to fix that we see in cosmetic dentistryWith cosmetic dentistry and a skilled professional, you can boost the power of your smile. Whether you have crooked teeth or gaps in your smile, a smile transformation with porcelain veneers can increase your confidence and change your image entirely.

But you’ll want to be sure you get a skilled professional to perfectly design your smile. That’s why you will want to consider these 7 smile design violations that we often see during the consultation process:

1. The Crooked Smile

The first step to perfecting a crooked smile begins with a facial plan examination. Your dentist should be aware of your natural head position, as this is crucial to give you a straighter, more uniform smile.

2. The Reverse Smile

A reverse or ‘unhappy’ smile occurs when a concave curve is created. Correction of a concave smile cannot occur without the analysis of tooth length and lip shape. This is accomplished using digital mock-ups to determine if there’s a need to shorten the canines or lengthen the incisors before the veneers are placed.

3. The Front Six

The front six refers to the front teeth that most influence your smile, and some dentists exclusively alter the color and shape of them. This is a mistake – correcting these teeth without creating contrast with the back teeth can leave you with a smile that appears artificial and narrow. The key to finding a happy balance and perfecting your smile is in pre-treatment photographs that will help your cosmetic dentistry team produce a natural-looking smile.

4. The Golden Proportion

A traditional approach, The Golden Proportion was once used to create ideal smiles. These days, cosmetic dentists stay away from a strict design and instead scope out transformations based on the proportions of each patient. Using state-of-the-art technology helps dentists draw lines and proportions to visualize the process and keep in mind that no one mouth is the same.

5. The Over-Contoured Teeth

If there is no distinction between how light bounces back on the different zones on your teeth, they can look over-contoured. To avoid this, dentists must craft an appropriately designed mock-up for ceramists to use the correct thickness when preparing the porcelain veneers. If done right, you’ll leave the dentist’s chair with a full-looking, human smile.

6. The Negative Space

Space is a crucial element to your smile makeover. Without adequate room for angles between your teeth, your smile will appear flat and give you an aged appearance. Providing there is enough room to create negative space, your dentist can address angles in the correct design stage and steer clear of that flat smile nobody wants! Of course, this is why the preliminary consultation is so important.

7. The Overlook of Gum Margins

As we said before, no one mouth is the same. Asymmetrical gum margins are significant in people with medium-to-high smile lines. Keep in mind that the harmony of a smile is more important than the symmetry. Your dentist will need to check pre-treatment images and x-rays to determine gum margins effectively and avoid creating a smile that is entirely symmetrical. Too much symmetry can ruin the beauty of a smile.

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