COVID19 Screening Form

Things that we are doing to keep our patients safe:

  1. Advanced screening. We will be emailing you a form prior to your appointment. It is very important for you to fill out this COVID-19 FORM with some basic screening questions the day before you come.
  2. When you arrive for your appointment please remain in your car and call or text 770-321-5558 to let us know that you are here. Roll down your window and we will be out to welcome you. We will begin by taking your temperature in your car. Anything above 100.4 we may choose to postpone treatment. We will also give you a mouthwash rinse at the car. Please bring your mask to wear while you are walking into the office.
  3. Medify true medical-grade HEPA filters are placed in each room in the office. These medical-grade hepa filters help purify the air of any harmful aerosols.
  4. Air ionizing system installed that purifies and reduces pathogens in aerosols. We use Global Plasma Solutions Auto-Cleaning Ionization Systems.
  5. Contactless visit. From the moment you arrive, you will be greeted at your car. Every door and entrance will be opened for you. There is no check-in or check out. Everything is done digitally for you and from your own smart device.
  6. PPE – We have been investing in all the best PPE for our team, including face shields, N95 Masks, and full surgical gowns.
  7. Social distancing and pathways are created in our office to ensure that patients never cross each others’ paths. We will limit the amount of patients scheduled in the office, entering and exiting without crossing paths with another patient.
  8. Aerosol eliminating suction systems are two main technologies we have invested in – Isolite and Xuction.

While we have always had the highest infection control level, we have added some extra redundant cleaning steps in between each patient to ensure that the room you visit is completely disinfected prior to your arrival.

We’ve invested in two main aerosol eliminating technologies – Isolite and Xuction.