Using the right materials for a filling is essential to keep your smile looking as natural and beautiful as ever. In this video, Dr. Patel gives insight into Dentistry at East Piedmont’s process for dental fillings.

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video transcript

Hi there, Dr. Ashish Patel. I want to talk to you today about fillings. Believe it or not, even a cosmetic practice like ours, we still do a lot of fillings. We like being conservative in our approach to treating our patients and not every tooth needs a crown. When we’re able to conservatively remove the decay from a tooth and replace it with a filling, the material of choice always in our office would be composite.

Why Composite?

Composite’s a tooth colored filling material and that filling material sets up instantly. It’s absolutely beautiful, it’s undetectable when it’s done and if it’s done properly in the proper setting those fillings can last a long time. The tooth-colored fillings come in so many different shades, it’s also called bonding, the same thing, and these tooth colored fillings can be made to kind of match any kind of tooth or whatever color that we have.

The Process

The steps to do a filling typically involve this:

  1. We get you numbed up, make sure that you don’t feel a thing while we’re working on you.
  2. We remove the decay that’s present in the tooth.
  3. We place a nice tooth-colored composite filling in there.

What to Expect Afterwards

You can bite and chew anything that you want right away, there’s no waiting period. You’ll be numb typically for an hour and a half and that’s it.

So fillings have come a long way, the materials keep changing. Here at Dentistry at East Piedmont, we’re always staying on top of the latest, greatest materials so you can make sure that the composites that we’re using in your mouth last the longest that they possibly can. If you’re interested in getting some fillings done please don’t hesitate to give our office a call; we’d love to see you in our office.