Most people lose a tooth at some point in their lifetime. Missing teeth cause far bigger issues than just aesthetics. In this video, Dr. Levine discusses how implants prevent future tooth loss and restore your smile.

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video transcript

Most people lose a tooth at some point in their lifetime, and the question then becomes, ‘What’s next?’

I’m Dr. Levine from Dentistry at East Piedmont, joining you today to discuss the most cutting edge technologies to replace failing or missing teeth. Dental implants offer a half-century of research with predictable outcomes to restore your most beautiful and functional smile.

The wonderful thing about dental implants is, not only do they replace a single tooth, but they can eliminate the need for uncomfortable bridges or dentures. Through restoration-driven implant dentistry and digital smile design, we ensure that the final outcome will be aesthetic and natural-looking.

Now, replacing a natural tooth with an implant is different for every person, so for your customized treatment plan, please call us for a free consultation or schedule a teledental appointment today.