Composite Resin Fillings

When tooth decay is holding your smile back, composite resin fillings are the most discrete option. The tooth-colored material restores teeth to a healthy state without the need for unattractive traditional silver or amalgam fillings.

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* benefits of composite resin fillings

Natural Appearance

Because composite resins aren’t made out of metal, we blend and mix shades to find the perfect color to match your natural teeth. This way, only you and your dentist will know you have fillings.

Conservative Treatment

Composite resin fillings require less drilling than amalgams, so more of your natural tooth structure remains intact. By bonding to the tooth, they strengthen and support it, preventing breaks and insulating against temperature changes.

Quick Bonding

Unlike traditional metal fillings, composite resin fillings harden within a matter of seconds. The durable, fast-acting solution is ideal for repairing chips and cracks in your teeth.

Lasting Results

Medium and small composites last anywhere from seven to ten years. To extend the wear of your composite, take care of your smile and avoid hard substances that can damage the filling material.

composite resins process
First, we will thoroughly clean the tooth, removing any decay before the placement begins. This will ensure your tooth is healthy and that the composite resin bonds properly.
In creating your filling, we will tint the composite resin to match your tooth color. Once customization is complete, we apply the filling to your cavity.
A curing light is used to harden the resin. Once the composite resin bonds to your tooth, we smooth and polish the filling so that it looks and feels like your natural tooth structure.
Some patients experience a temporary post-placement sensitivity with composite resin fillings. If you don’t have your composites coated with a clear plastic sealant, staining foods and beverages such as coffee may cause discoloration.

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