hidden problems with missing teethWhen you lose a tooth, you might be quick to wonder how it will affect eating certain foods or the overall appearance of your smile. While these are certainly valid, immediate concerns of a missing tooth or teeth, there are underlying potential consequences that you need to be aware of.

“If not addressed in a relatively timely manner, a missing tooth or teeth can cause a chain reaction of significant dental problems.”

Even losing one single tooth in the back of your mouth may result in the following dental issues:

Shifting Teeth

Whether from extraction or simply falling out, adjacent teeth can naturally shift towards the open space in a gradual manner. Regrettably, this shift can cause a crooked smile and an alteration in your bite alignment as it is out of its natural position.

If a shift does occur, crooked teeth can make you more vulnerable to issues with decay and gum disease, because they are harder to clean. A change may also lead to TMJ problems down the road. If it’s not promptly addressed, a missing tooth or teeth can cause a chain reaction of significant dental problems.

Bone Loss

Bone loss is another potentially underlying cause that could arise from tooth loss. Your jaw relies on a complete set of teeth to keep its form and density, and when you chew, the root of the tooth stimulates the jaw.

If the tooth isn’t replaced with a dental implant (which is the only replacement solution for tooth loss that replaces both the tooth and the root), bone loss may occur over time.

Less structure in your jaw bone can lead to sunken or a hallowed appearance in your lower face.

At Dentistry at East Piedmont, we can help you to fix the immediate consequences along with hidden long-term problems caused by missing teeth.

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