Non-invasive and practically invisible, Invisalign successfully straightens your smile, correcting spacing problems and overbite concerns. But does it work for patients with crowded teeth? In this video, we sat down to find out more about Annette’s Invisalign story.

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video transcript

My name is Annette C. and I’ve been a patient at Dentistry at East Piedmont for approximately 20 years. Before I started Invisalign treatment, my teeth weren’t terribly crooked but I had a lot of crowding, especially on the bottom which made it very difficult to floss.

Why Invisalign?

I chose Invisalign over traditional braces, I didn’t really want the look of traditional braces. I wanted something maybe a little bit more mature and something that wasn’t as noticeable, and most people never even knew that I was wearing Invisalign unless I told them.

The Invisalign Process

At the first appointment when I came in they put the buttons on my teeth with a little bonding that was white – it was the same color as my teeth, so most people never noticed that either – and they fit me with my first set of Invisalign trays and instructed me:

  • How to insert them;
  • How to take them out;
  • When to take them out; and
  • How often to change the trays

I had an excellent experience at Dentistry at East Piedmont with my Invisalign. At each visit, the staff was very helpful and very informative as far as letting me know what to expect in my next several weeks with the Invisalign trays that I was going to be sent home with. They were also really informative about my treatment overall and what to expect during the whole 9-month treatment.

Treatment Results

My expectations were exceeded. I didn’t realize how confident I would feel after having my teeth much straighter. My smile was much fuller, and I’m much more likely to get into a photo and smile the biggest smile I can.

Having Invisalign has been a big change for me. Not only am I more confident with my smile, but growing up I had a lot of problems with my jaw. Now, I don’t wake up as with as much pain in my neck, and pain in my face and in my jaw. I won’t say that my jaw troubles have gone away, but [Invisalign] made the pain much more manageable.

I would absolutely recommend Invisalign, especially at Dentistry at East Piedmont. It was very easy, it fit into my lifestyle. Changing the trays was very easy, they were very comfortable to wear.

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