One of the greatest benefits of CEREC same-day crowns is the quick, convenient procedure. Thanks to modern dental technology, our CEREC crowns are made and placed, all in one visit. In this video, we sat down to interview Bernie about the process.

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video transcript

Before CEREC

K: How long have you known Dr. Patel?

B: I’d say around year and a half to two years.

K: And what are you having done today?

B: I’m getting a crown put in.

K: We’ll check back in.

CEREC Crown Before & After


Dr. P: Alright, so Bernie got a new tooth today – it was on the upper left and had a full tooth color composite filling. It had been there for a long time. So Bernie, how was it?

B: Excellent.

Dr. P: Pretty easy?

B: Yes.

Dr. P: Feels nice to go home with the permanent crown today?

B: Beautiful. You do excellent work, can I throw that in there?

Dr. P: Absolutely, you can throw that in there, that’s awesome. What was the hardest part of today?

B: Oh, I don’t…

Dr. P: Nothing, really?

B: Just keeping my mouth open that long.

Dr. P: Yeah, that is the toughest part.

B: No, it was smooth. I mean, I think that the whole process of getting the whole thing done from beginning to end in one sitting is amazing to me.