It’s a common belief that you only need to visit your dentist once a year, but the best way to keep your oral health in good condition is to visit every six months. In this video, Dr. Patel explains the top six reasons why you should visit the dentist bi-annually.

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video transcript

Hi there, Dr. Ashish Patel here and today I wanted to talk to you about the top six reasons why you should see your dentist twice a year.

Oral Hygiene Impacts Overall Health

Number one reason is the oral hygiene impacts your overall health. So, two main focuses here: One, it allows us to do an oral cancer exam to check for any abnormalities in your gums, in your cheeks and in your neck and then it also allows us to do a head and neck exam, kind of feeling for any lymph nodes that might be irregular.

Prevention of Cavities, Tooth Decay, & Gum Disease

Number two: Prevention of cavities, tooth decay and gum disease. You know, the earlier we catch any of these cavities, the easier it is to fix.

Removal of Plaque

Number three: Removal of plaque. Of course, this is cleanings. Regular cleanings help maintain lower levels of plaque. No matter how well you brush and you floss, there’s always some plaque that needs to be cleaned, and every six months is a good time to do that.

Prevents Future Complications

Number four: It prevents complications down the road. Nobody likes to get a root canal but every root canal starts out as a small little filling.

Saves Money Overall

Number five: Long-term, it saves you money. Coming in on a regular basis, fixing problems while they’re small will help keep them at bay and make them easier to fix.

We Love to See You!

And of course, number six, and my favorite is- your dentist misses you! So come on in every twice a year, come say hi, let your dentist take a look at your teeth.