straighten teeth without bracesBraces are a pain, and we do mean that literally. With frequent tightening and the potential for broken wires poking you in the mouth, the orthodontic process can cause some major discomfort for patients. In addition to physical irritation, the lengthy treatment time and obvious look of braces don’t always make them an ideal method for straightening your teeth.

Fortunately, there are plenty of teeth straightening alternatives out there to correct misalignment without many of the drawbacks that braces bring about:


Invisalign can resolve a wide array of orthodontic problems such as overbites, crowding, crossbites, gaps, and general misalignment. The clear aligners allow you to fix your alignment woes without anyone noticing you’re going through treatment thanks to their discrete design. The removable trays are to be worn 22+ hours daily and taken out only for eating and oral hygiene. Each Invisalign set is custom-made to your mouth, providing the utmost in comfort. Treatment length for Invisalign patients typically lasts around 18 months, with a new set of aligners received every two weeks to account for shifting teeth.

Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner is a fast-acting, teeth-straightening solution that uses a single aligner to correct slight orthodontic or cosmetic alignment issues at the front of the mouth over 6-18 weeks. The appliance’s orthodontic impact is limited as it only corrects misalignment on patients’ front teeth; Inman Aligners are most suited for cases of crowding or front teeth that protrude.

During treatment, patients wear a transparent removable retainer with a thin metal wire running across the front of it that connects two spring-loaded bars. The pressure from these bars gently pushes teeth into the correct position. Inman Aligners must be worn between 16 and 20 hours a day. Patients will visit their dentist every two to four weeks throughout the teeth straightening process to have their aligners checked and adjusted.


If misalignment or gaps aren’t causing any oral health issues, you may choose to cover up the problem with porcelain veneers for an immediate aesthetic fix rather than going through months or years of alignment correction. Veneers are super-slim porcelain shells that cover your real teeth while mimicking the look of a natural smile. Their shape, as well as their shade, are customized to fit each individual, allowing them to disguise slight crookedness or spaces between teeth. These thin yet durable coverings can have a lifespan of up to 15 years with proper maintenance.

Your choice in teeth alignment services will depend upon the severity of your condition. While more complex orthodontic issues may require braces, the above teeth straightening options are an excellent alternative for many patients. Want to find out which alignment process is a good fit for you? Schedule a complimentary cosmetic consultation with our Marietta dental spa today!

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