TMJ is frequently referenced in mainstream media, but how much do you really know about it? In this video, Dr. Patel explains the ins and outs of TMJ.

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video transcript

Hi there folks, Dr. Ashish Patel here to talk about a topic that’s in the news a lot: TMJ.

What Is TMJ?

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint and the truth of the matter is that everyone has TMJ, it just describes that joint which joins our lower jaw to the base of our skull. This TMJ joint is kind of the access point at which we open and close our mouth and sometimes when we have that popping or clicking in that joint there’s a little dip that’s kind of sliding off of that joint and so that joint tends to be arthritic and it tends to get worse as time goes on. This popping and clicking can lead to pain and when patients have pain it can be quite debilitating to the point where they can’t really chew or eat.


The key to treating any TMJ disorders is to catch it early. There are several devices that we can make here in our office. Every TMJ patient is completely different so the key is to come in and see us, let’s evaluate your TMJ joint and see what’s going on and then we can prescribe the appropriate orthotic to kind of help protect that joint.


Like I said, this joint is degenerative – it doesn’t get better – so the earlier you can come in and see us, the quicker that you’re able to recognize some of the symptoms…

  • Popping;
  • Clicking; or
  • Difficulty in opening and closing

… the faster that we can kind of try to treat some of those things.

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