recovery tips for all on four dental implant surgeryFor those missing multiple teeth, All-on-Four dental implants are a fantastic solution that provides permanent functional restoration with a natural look and feel. As with many dentistry services, the success of dental implants can vary depending on patients’ actions. Follow these care and recovery guidelines to make the most of your All-on-Four implants in both health and longevity.

Recovering from All-on-Four Dental Implant Surgery

Traditional implants can take up to a year for full recovery, whereas All-on-Four dental implants will have you returning to your usual routine much sooner. Recovery timelines for All-on-Four procedures vary from patient to patient; your dentist can give you a better idea of how long the healing process will take for you individually. The following recovery tips can help speed up healing for implants and prevent complications from arising:

Take it Easy

On day one of your surgery, be very gentle in the treatment of your mouth and surrounding areas, making sure not to touch the incision sites. For oral hygiene, only use a special mouthwash given to you by your dentist (even rinsing with water can be harmful!) and apply delicate pressure with a soft-bristled toothbrush when brushing.

Allow your body to recuperate by laying down and resting for at least a few days after the procedure. Avoid strenuous activity and exercise during your first week of recovery. While you may be able to return to work a couple of days post-surgery depending on your profession, taking more downtime is healthier for your body.

Managing Side Effects

Considerable swelling is not uncommon after an All-on-Four procedure. But, this reaction typically lessens little by little 72 hours after dental implant surgery. To reduce swelling on the day of your surgery, you can place ice packs on the sides of your face for 15 minutes at a time. Wet, warm compresses are a good solution to swelling once 2-3 days have passed since your operation.

What to Eat

Complete fusion of All-on-Four implants can take 3+ months, so you’ll want to adjust your diet during this time to minimize chewing. A liquid diet, with meals such as smoothies and soups, is helpful to follow for the first few weeks post-surgery. You can then gradually introduce soft foods into your meal plan and resume your normal diet once the implant integration has concluded.

Caring for All-on-Four Implants

The more thorough you are in your oral hygiene routine, the longer your dental implants will hold up. In addition to daily brushing and flossing,  you can apply these teeth cleaning methods after meals for even better oral health. You may also want to use dental cleaning tools specifically designed for implant upkeep, such as interdental brushes, water flossers, and angled brush heads. Such oral instruments can make it easier to clean every nook and cranny, as well as hinder damage to your dental implants.

It’s important to note that regular dental appointments are essential to All-on-Four dental implant maintenance. You should visit your dentist biannually at a minimum so they can conduct professional teeth cleanings and check on the health of your implants.

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