Is my mouthwash really working?Mouthwash is the go-to rinse to feel fresh, crisp and clean. We’ve all needed a quick swish. Whether it’s before a big meeting or right before bed, mouthwash is the tool used to top off our oral hygiene routine. Who wants to walk around smelling like the everything bagel they had for breakfast? No one. But, is mouthwash actually killing germs and essential to our oral health, or is it just a way to freshen up?

There’s actually many different types of mouthwash on the market. From desensitizing to whitening, mouthwash has taken many different roles throughout its existence. You may not have realized the number of choices you have! To learn about the vast amount of mouthwashes, check out this guide to picking the perfect rinse.

Pros of mouthwash

Regular rinsing provides more benefits than just the obvious fresh breath. One of the larger pros to adding mouthwash to your routine is the protection against gum disease. As we all know, there are hundreds of spaces for bacteria to hide and grow, even after a good brush and floss. When this bacteria accumulates it can lead to an infection in your gums which can develop into gum disease. So, regularly swishing some antibacterial mouthwash can help rid your smile of some of that loose plaque and bacteria.

Another great benefit is the effect it has on mouth ulcers and cavities. Sores in our mouth accumulate bacteria which makes them more irritated and painful. It may burn but rinsing with mouthwash can quickly clean out the area and reduce the amount of discomfort you experience. Most mouthwash also contains fluoride which helps prevent cavities. Regularly coating your teeth with fluoride can help you further safeguard your smile from developing any need for fillings.

Cons of mouthwash

One of the biggest downsides to some mouthwash brands is that they contain alcohol. Besides the fact that this can be toxic for your body when swallowed in large amounts, alcohol also will dry out your mouth. For people already experiencing symptoms of dry mouth, the addition of further drying can be unbearable. Luckily, there are a lot of brands that offer alcohol free options. Some of these brands will also say they are chlorhexidine free products. You may be asking what exactly is chlorhexidine?

Chlorhexidine is a chemical substance that is used for the purpose of killing bacteria. Because bad breath is an accumulation of decaying bacteria, this substance is usually only found in a rinse meant to fight clinical bad breath. It has been found to leave a noticeable stain on the teeth and tongue. Luckily, this staining is only temporary and there are many brands out there that exclude this ingredient.

So, does mouthwash really matter? The answer is yes, it is an effective addition to your oral hygiene routine. The benefits and protection it provides your teeth are worth the 30 second swish once or twice a day. Having an effective oral hygiene routine is all about what makes you feel clean and confident. If you’re second guessing your routine or have some questions feel free to reach out to our Marietta dental spa or make an appointment for a free virtual dental assessment!

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