making brushing fun for childrenMany children dread doing chores, and dental care is often no exception. Though they may not be eager to complete a regular oral hygiene routine, teaching your kids good dental habits early is crucial for their overall health.

In honor of National Children’s Dental Health Month, we’re sharing our best tips on how to make caring for their teeth a better experience for kids.

Use Kid-Friendly Products

While you may be satisfied with your run-of-the-mill toothbrush, children are more likely to enjoy their oral health routine if the tools they use have a little pizazz. Try buying your child a toothbrush featuring a beloved character or fun design to make dental hygiene tool more resemble their toys. You can even get creative with flavors, too, by investing toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash that tastes like their favorite treats. When brushing is yummy, children will look forward to their morning and night teeth cleaning!

Reward Good Behavior

The tooth fairy makes losing baby teeth much less scary by providing a prize for children when the event occurs. You can take this concept and apply it to dental care for your child by creating a reward system for sticking to their daily tooth care routine. Try marking each day that they brush and floss for the appropriate time. When you reach the end of the month, offer a small present to incentivize your kids to keep up with their oral hygiene habits.

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Get Musical

Most dentists recommend two minutes of brushing for kids and adults alike. Teaching your child to brush for a proper amount of time is an essential step in setting up good oral habits. You can make the time go by faster by putting on one of your kid’s favorite songs for the duration of their routine so they can enjoy lively tunes and know precisely when to stop brushing.

Make It a Bonding Activity

Every small child looks up to their parents as a role model. Much like children try on their parents’ clothes and mimic their behavior, and showing your little one that oral health is important to you will make them want to follow suit. You already have a dental care routine in place, so why not invite your child to join you? If they know that brushing and flossing lead to quality time with their favorite people, kids will start to view daily oral hygiene as a special activity.

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