Choosing a dentist is a lengthy, important process and it’s essential to get to know all the available options before you make a commitment. In this video, you will meet Dr. Patel and hear what our patients have to say about our practice.

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video transcript

One of the things I’m most passionate about in my practice is creating beautiful, natural-looking smiles. I love giving people the confidence in restoring their ability to smile.


“It’s really comforting to know that I have a team in Dr. Patel and his staff that really make sure that my smile is at one hundred watts all the time.”

“The whole experience is centered around you – it’s making sure you’re comfortable from the minute you walk in, to the minute you leave.”

“It’s not just a dentist office; it’s more like a spa day.”

“It’s one of those places that you go and you’re treated like family.”

“Walking in the door for the first time and meeting Dr. Patel put me at ease. I felt so comfortable, so safe. I was raised in the military and went to numerous dentists and I did not like them but when I found Dr. Patel it changed every aspect of going to a dentist. I look forward to my cleanings, to everything – just coming in saying hi.”

Our Reputation

Dr. Patel: So what our office is really known for is creating beautiful, natural-looking smiles, whether that’s porcelain veneers, full large implant reconstruction, or just simple teeth whitening, people know us for creating beautiful smiles that people can’t tell are fake.

“Dr. Patel was a miracle maker, he did everything he could possibly do. He had the artistic ability to see what makes a better smile and the transparency of the teeth and how long the teeth should be and the science behind it and then all of the medical knowledge and amazing talent to make it all work.”

A Personal Touch

Dr. Patel: Every one of my patients really gets to know me. They can have my cell phone number, they call me if there’s a problem, but more importantly, it’s really important for me to engage with my patients and really understand what their past experiences have been and how we can make their future experiences perfect.

“I’m very comfortable when I come here. I know the people that are taking care of me and I also know they’re going to take good care of me.”

Dr. B: A lot of people come in and say the last practice they were at they saw a different doctor every time they were coming in and they never got to know that person. The relationship between us and you is very important and the trust between us is really important and I think that that is what makes us very unique.

Dr. Patel: Thanks for taking the time and visiting our website. Finding that right dentist or that right cosmetic dentist can be a bit of a challenge and you’re doing the right thing by doing your homework, so take your time, read our reviews, Google us, listen to what other patients are saying about our office and make sure to take the time and look at our before and afters. All the before and afters that you see on this website were done by either I or Dr. Buxton. When you’re ready to make your appointment don’t hesitate to give our office a call.

We’d love to schedule you for a complimentary consult to see what your options are or even better yet, get you in here as a new patient exam.