how to take care of lost crownWhile having a crown or filling fall out can be unsettling, it’s not an uncommon experience. Tooth decay can cause these dental fixings to detach, but natural wear and tear from grinding and chewing as time goes on can also result in a lost crown or filling.

There’s no need to panic when crowns or fillings loosen and fall out. Just take the following steps, and you’ll be good as new:

Remove and Care for Materials

The first thing you’ll want to do is remove the crown or filling from your mouth to avoid swallowing it by accident. You should then carefully cleanse the filling or crown with a toothbrush and put it somewhere safe. The dental fixings may be able to be reattached if they are in good condition, saving you the expense of paying for a new one.

Call Your Dentist

In the case of any dental emergency, it’s best to reach out to your dentist immediately. The sooner your dental problem is addressed, the fewer chances there are for more complications to occur. Try to visit your dentist as soon as possible and be sure to alert them the reason for your visit, so they make your appointment a high priority.

Cover the Tooth

Once a crown or filling has fallen out, extensive and sensitive areas of your tooth are no longer protected. Leaving this delicate tooth exposed will increase your risk of tooth decay due to a buildup of bacteria. Additionally, your uncovered tooth is also more susceptible to breakage.

It’s important to protect your tooth with a type of barrier to prevent any more damage from taking place while you wait to see a dentist. If your crown or filling is still in-tact, use an over-the-counter dental paste to reattach it after it has been properly cleaned. In the case of a broken filling or crown, dental wax can be used as a temporary barrier for your tooth.

Seeking professional oral care when a dental problem occurs is vital key in keeping your mouth healthy. Dentistry at East Piedmont understands that oral health problems can arise unexpectedly and always make ourselves available to patients in need. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and reap the benefits of a dental practice that cares!

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