why athletes need to think about taking care of their teethSports fans rejoice: March Madness is almost here! During this exciting time, we thought it would be an excellent opportunity to highlight the importance of good dental care for athletes.

While oral health is a must for everyone, athletes, in particular, need to take special precautions to keep their smile in shape. High-impact sports put you at a higher risk for dental problems. No need to stop participating in physical activities you enjoy, though. Follow these tips to protect your oral health while you play:

Safeguard Your Smile

An estimated 5 million teeth are lost in sports-related injuries each year. Being an athlete doesn’t have to translate to an imperfect smile, though. Athletic mouth guards are a simple yet effective way to keep your mouth and jaw safe from any mishaps on the field. Depending on your sport of choice, you already wear protective gear such as helmets and shoulder pads to shield your body from sports-related injuries, so why not add in an extra accessory to protect your pearly whites?

Snack Smarter

Athletes need fuel to keep their bodies running at peak performance. Unfortunately, most energy-boosting sports drinks contain tons of sugar that can lead to cavities and tooth decay. Instead of grabbing a sweet beverage or energy drink, opt for water when you need to hydrate. You can still get your energy fix without all the sugar by munching on protein-packed snacks such as nuts in place of ‘performance enhancing’ drinks.

Don’t Ignore Injuries

With contact sports especially, injuries are bound to happen. You wouldn’t wait to seek medical treatment for a broken leg, and you shouldn’t treat damage to your smile any differently. If you’ve sustained a chip, crack, loosened tooth, or have had a tooth knocked out entirely, it’s important to schedule an emergency dental appointment as soon as possible. The longer you wait to address these issues, the worse off the condition will get.

With preventive care, a balanced diet, and an injury plan in place, you can maintain a healthy smile with your active lifestyle!  Contact our Marietta office to set up a plan to keep your teeth happy as you participate in your favorite sports.

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