new dental technologyUtilizing the latest and greatest in dental technology is pertinent for achieving the best smile results with minimal irritation. Dentistry at East Piedmont applies a wide range of advanced technologies and machinery to carry out general and cosmetic dentistry treatments with convenience, accuracy, and comfort:

TRIOS Intraoral Scanner

Traditional impressions can be messy and induce an unpleasant sensation for patients receiving them. The TRIOS intraoral scanner takes impressions quickly and with ease, making the patient experience a breeze. Not only does digital scanning make impressions more convenient, but it also allows patients to preview the results of a dental treatment plan. Dentistry at East Piedmont creates digital smile designs using the TRIOS scanner that help analyze the aesthetics and function of a proposed service to ensure the outcome matches patients’ smile goals.

MoonRay 3D Printer

Our cosmetic dentistry practice utilizes the MoonRay 3D printer to develop detailed surgical guides for absolute accuracy in dental implant surgeries. Once a 3D x-ray has been taken, and a digital treatment plan completed to assess the ideal implant and tooth placement, a 3D surgical guide is constructed based on that design. Dentistry at East Piedmont utilizes these detailed surgical guides to ensure dental implants are placed in the exact desired position as outlined by the digital treatment plan.

Diode Laser

Patients who are displeased with their gummy smile or have a cavity underneath the gum tissue may undergo a gingivectomy to resolve the problem. This process involves soft tissue incisions to remove parts of the gum. The Diode laser acts as an alternative tool to scalpels to perform gingivectomies, reducing the recovery process by around five days. The use of a laser makes this treatment noninvasive, while wavelength laser control ensures only the desired tissue is cut without impacting the underlying teeth or bone structure.

CEREC Machine

Traditional crowns equip patients with a temporary crown after their first appointment, requiring they wait two weeks until their permanent crown can be placed. The CEREC machine allows Dentistry at East Piedmont to manufacture crowns in-office so that patients can complete their crown process in a single visit. This high-tech device also allows complete control over design for quality assurance. We recently replaced our old CEREC machine with an updated version that has the ability to mill crowns out of zirconium for extra-durable results.

Old technology should never be used to create a new smile. Our Marietta cosmetic dentistry practice always stays on the cutting edge of dental devices and processes to offer our patients the best oral care available. Set up an appointment with Dentistry at East Piedmont today to begin your journey to the smile of your dreams!

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