Prevent Tooth Decay with Halloween Dental CareOne of the most common horrors of parenthood is the looming threat of tooth decay. Holidays like Halloween can be a nightmare for dental health, especially if your child has a sweet tooth.

But with a mindful approach to avoiding dental decay, your little monster doesn’t have to miss out on the holiday. Here are a few of our dental tricks to help parents make Halloween a treat for their children.

Tip #1: Stick to a Routine

Tooth decay prevention is a daily battle. Regular brushing is one of the best ways to combat tooth decay. Establish a brushing routine with your kids that occurs at least every morning and evening.

Tip #2: Choose Smarter Snacks

The more your child’s mouth is exposed to acids and sugars, the more likely he will experience tooth decay. Encouraging a balanced diet in your children is one way to help avoid future dental problems.

With smart snacking, it’s important to limit sugary items such as chewy and hard candies. You don’t need to eliminate these treats entirely, however. Research from The American Society for Clinical Nutrition shows that certain sticky candies actually pose a shorter acid attack than their less-sticky counterparts. For example, caramels can clear from the mouth more quickly than cookies, potato chips or dried fruit.

Tip #3: Consider Candy as a Mealtime Treat

It’s no surprise that foods that contain lots of sugar are a common cause of cavities in children. To protect your child’s smile, make candy a treat instead of a regular snack item.

The best time to enjoy candy is just after, or during, a meal. That way, your kids won’t constantly be exposing their teeth to harmful acids and sugars.

Tip #4: The More Water, The Better

Drinking water rinses sugar from the surface of teeth, minimizing its contact with enamel. Encourage your children to drink water instead of sipping on sugary drinks, especially while eating candy.

Final Tip: Schedule Your Child’s Dental Check-Up

Steering clear of frightening dental problems such as cavities is a tough task on your own. Be sure to set up regular visits to your family dentist, ensuring that your child’s smile stays happy and healthy as they grow.

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