Root Canals

Decay and infection can wreak havoc on your entire mouth. If your tooth requires a root canal, we will refer you to an endodontist, a dentist who specializes in saving teeth, to complete the procedure. Once a root canal has been performed, Dentistry at East Piedmont will help get your mouth back to optimal health.

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* the aftermath of avoiding a root canal

Tooth Loss

Left untreated, severe decay or dental trauma may cause damage to a tooth’s pulp. If the infected pulp is not removed, it could rot away your entire tooth.

Extensive Decay

The untreated infection of the pulp in one tooth spreads to otherwise healthy surrounding teeth. Without addressing the infection, over time you will require treatment for multiple teeth rather than just the one in question.

Nerve Pain

A crack in your tooth can extend to the nerve, which causes extreme damage and resulting pain. Fixing a chip or crack before it has the chance to reach your pulp or nerve is the most effective way to avoid this discomfort.

Dental Abscess

Without treatment, an infected tooth may cause a dental abscess to develop. Dental abscesses can cause fatal health problems if you don’t seek appropriate medical care promptly.  

what happens after a root canal?

A tooth that has gone through root canal therapy is weakened, brittle and prone to fractures. After a root canal, you’ll need to restore your tooth fully to avoid alignment changes. A crown must be placed to help hold the tooth together.

crown placement process
We start by removing the temporary filling placed by the endodontist, as well as any old filling, and replacing it with tooth-colored filling that mimics the look of your natural teeth for ultimate discretion.
Once the build-up process is complete, we prepare the tooth for a crown.
This step involves scanning an image of your tooth into the computer to design a crown, followed by the crown’s creation in our milling unit.
After a brief 20-minute wait, your CEREC crown will be ready. We permanently place the crown, and you will leave with a completely restored, healthy smile, all in one visit.

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