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Root Canal Therapy

Before recommending root canal therapy (RCT), we perform a detailed patient examination, complete with a conversation about your dental history and digital X-rays. This enables Dr. Patel and Dr. Buxton to accurately diagnose any tooth that may need RCT. 

Dr. Patel Explains RCT

Patient Testimonial – Bernie

For most, root canal therapy aids in the process of restoring an infected tooth. Infection is caused by the following:

  • Severe decay
  • Dental trauma or damage
  • Deep fillings

If your tooth requires a root canal, we will refer you to an endodontist, a dentist who specializes in saving teeth, to complete the procedure.

What Happens After a Root Canal?

After a root canal, you might think “The tough part is over”— and you would be right, in the literal sense. Once a root canal is completed, you’ll need to return to Dentistry at East Piedmont to ensure the tooth is fully restored.

A tooth that has gone through root canal therapy is weakened, brittle and prone to fractures. To help hold the tooth together, a crown must be placed.

CEREC Same-Day Crown Placements

Crown placement involves three major steps:

Step 1: The Build-Up Process

We start by removing the temporary filling placed by the endodontist, as well as any old filling, and replacing it with tooth-colored filling.

Step 2: The Preparation

Once the build-up process is complete, we prepare the tooth for a crown. This step involves scanning an image of your tooth into the computer to design a crown, and then the crown is created in the milling unit.

Step 3: The Final Placement

After a brief 20-minute wait, your CEREC crown will be ready. We permanently place the crown, and you will leave with a completely restored, healthy smile, all in one visit.

Contact Dentistry at East Piedmont

At Dentistry at East Piedmont, we provide a thorough new patient consultation so you can learn about ways you can improve your smile. If you think you need root canal therapy or are experiencing tooth pain, our dentists will thoroughly examine your teeth to determine the severity of your condition and the best course of action.

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