Staying up to date with all the latest technologies is a top priority for us at Dentistry at East Piedmont. In this video, Dr. Patel discusses the dental technology we’ve implemented at our practice and how this technology benefits our patients.

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video transcript

In 2001 when I built this office, I built it on a foundation of incorporating the latest technology that dentistry has to offer.

CEREC Technology

Some of the most amazing things that we have is the CEREC technology. CEREC technology allows us to make a crown in one hour so no more impressions, no more having to wear temporary and waiting to come back to get the crown put in. Literally, after I get done preparing the tooth for a crown, we take a camera and we scan in that tooth and then we are able to design on the computer the crown and a machine will mill it out and then we glue it in and you get to walk home with an all porcelain, absolutely beautiful aesthetic crown.

Dental Cone Beam CT

Recently we adopted a 3D Cone Beam, or a CT scan, in our office. What this allows us to do is to take a three-dimensional x-ray of your entire head and then gives us that 3D x-ray. We then take the CEREC, which is your actual teeth, and put that into that x-ray so we can do start to finish virtual surgeries for implants without ever having to take an impression.

“The technology at Dentistry at East Piedmont is cutting edge. I have a crown, and I actually had to have an emergency visit not too long ago because my old crown fell out. I let Dr. Patel know and he had me in the office the very next day. They have this CEREC technology where they can create a crown right there in the office and so I went in without a tooth and I left the office with this beautiful tooth that I can go through my entire life not having an issue with, it’s amazing.” — Lesa Wilson

Painless Anesthetic

Our office also believes in creature comforts, so our office is designed like a spa.

One of the things that a lot of patients complain about is the injection, so we’ve invested in the wand (or the STA™) which is a computerized anesthetic delivery system.

The STA™ delivers the same anesthetic that you’re used to:

  • In a very thin, very fine needle hooked up to a computer;
  • Delivered at a slow, constant rate so there’s less pinch when it goes in;
  • Even after the numbing wears off, there’s less discomfort because it hasn’t displaced the tissue as much.

All these things are incorporated to help make the patient feel more comfortable.  We also have TVs in every one of the operatories, so we have programs that patients can put their headphones on and just watch some TV.

Anything we can do to make the patient more comfortable, we try to do it in our office.