advantages and disadvantages of CEREC crownsFrom gooey impressions and irritating temporary crowns to having to free up your schedule for multiple appointments, the process of getting a crown can be a hassle. Thanks to advancements in dental technology, patients now have a better option.

CEREC crowns are a faster, more natural-looking alternative to traditional crowns that only take a single trip to the dentist to complete. Same-day crowns provide a quick way to restore your teeth’s function and aesthetics. Check out some of the pros and cons of the procedure to see if crowns-in-an-hour are right for you:

Advantages of Same-Day Crowns

Customized Aesthetics

CEREC crowns are individually designed using a computer to choose the exact aesthetics of your crowns. The software allows your dentist to tailor the crowns’ shade and form to match the rest of your teeth, giving you the most natural look possible.

Quick Results

While traditional crowns can take weeks before they’re ready for placement, CEREC crowns are crafted in-office and bonded to your teeth all in one appointment. This provides an immediate fix for your oral health problems and only requires a single visit to your dentist.

Reliable Technology

The highly advanced process of crowns-in-an-hour utilizes cutting-edge dental technology for both accuracy and comfort in your treatment. An exact image of your teeth is made using digital imaging so patients can avoid uncomfortable and messy impressions, while 3D printing creates a precise crown that perfectly fits your mouth.

Disadvantages of Same-Day Crowns

Requires Extremely Skilled Professionals

The state-of-the-art technologies used to create CEREC crowns are not easy to master. If your dentist hasn’t been adequately trained in the use of CAD/CAM technology, this will result in crowns that both look and function poorly.

Less Durable

Same-day crowns are crafted entirely from ceramic, which is a relatively delicate material. Traditional crowns’ metal makes them a more durable option, as CEREC crowns have a higher susceptibility to breakage and general damage.

Bonding Issues

The material of CEREC crowns doesn’t bond as strongly to teeth as the metal used in traditional crowns. This results in a larger chance of the bond not holding than if you were to have a metal crown placed.

CEREC crowns can be a great solution to your teeth restoration needs, but the procedure may not be the best choice for every patient. If you’re in need of a crown and want to learn more about whether you’re a good candidate for same-day crowns, contact Dentistry at East Piedmont today for a complimentary cosmetic consultation at our Marietta dental spa.

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