What is daytime bruxism?Grinding or clenching teeth is a natural response to stress that creates unnatural dental problems over time.

Teeth grinding (bruxism) commonly occurs while you are sleeping, but it can happen when you’re awake, too.

Not unlike its nocturnal counterpart, daytime bruxism relates to anxiety and stress. Many people unconsciously clench or grind their teeth during the day, often in response to work-related stress. Over time, this automatic reaction will cause headaches, jaw soreness and eventually destroy your teeth.


Possible causes of daytime bruxism may include:

  • High-stress Occupations – High-stakes, deadline-focused work environments
  • Tension – A short-term emotion that arises in day-to-day scenarios such as sitting in traffic during rush hour
  • Teeth Misalignment – An abnormal bite or uneven smile


How do you stop this unconscious habit? The answer may vary. Is your bruxism caused by stress, tension or perhaps a larger misalignment concern? To understand the overall cause and severity of your condition, you must seek professional dental advice.

One of the most effective treatment options for daytime bruxism is wearing an orthotic appliance. Also known as a mouth guard or splint, these customized instruments are designed to protect the teeth, reduce jaw soreness and prevent grinding, day or night.

Find Out What’s Causing Your Daytime Bruxism

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