Do dental implants hurt?Dental implants are a great solution to missing teeth, as they provide a permanent, fully functional restoration that looks and feels just like real teeth. Unfortunately, many people are hesitant about undergoing dental implant surgery due to misconceptions about how painful the process will be. Learning what to expect from dental implant surgery and tips on minimizing discomfort will help put your worries at ease.

Is There Discomfort During Dental Implant Surgery?

While having oral surgery may sound excruciating, many dental implant patients feel little to no pain during the procedure. A local anesthetic is typically administered before dental implant surgery, keeping you alert throughout the process but eradicating any pain from the dental work by completely numbing your mouth. Those who have dental phobia or suffer from anxiety about their procedure can opt for a variety of dental sedation services to ease their nerves and make the entire process more relaxing.

Managing Post-Surgery Pain

Healing from any surgical procedure is bound to result in a bit of irritation. After receiving dental implants, you may experience aches in your cheeks, chins, or beneath the eyes. Symptoms of these mild sorenesses typically subside with the use of over-the-counter pain medication or painkillers, depending on your level of discomfort.

Swelling and slight bruising of the mouth can also take place, but swelling typically dissipates entirely after around 10 days post-procedure. In the meantime, cold compresses such as ice packs can be applied for a day after dental implant surgery to help bring it down.

Warm salt water rinses are a good way to alleviate discomfort and speed up the course of healing. You’ll also want to avoid using tobacco products for a minimum of 24 hours post dental implant surgery, as smoking will slow down the healing process and can even result in the oral infection, dry socket.

With an experienced dentist on board and plenty of options to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure, there’s no reason to fear dental implants. With the latest dental technology and luxurious dental suites, our Marietta dental spa ensures patients receive the best care while remaining comfortable throughout their oral health procedures. Contact Dentistry at East Piedmont today to learn more about dental implants and see if they’re right for you!

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