does oral health impact general healthPeople tend to find themselves smiling more when they’re healthy, but that isn’t the only link between oral health and your overall wellness. Taking care of your teeth isn’t just a way to keep them bright and shiny, but a key component in feeling your best. Whether it’s oral health’s impact on general health or vice versa, the state of your smile has a more direct connection to your whole body’s stronger than you may think.

Poor Oral Health Leads to Poor General Health

Certain oral conditions have been closely linked to the development or concurrence with other health problems. Gum disease, in particular, has been known to cause or be a symptom of many other complications for your general wellness when left untreated. Those who suffer from periodontitis have also shown a higher risk for alzheimer’s, kidney disease, and heart disease. Taking proper steps to prevent gum disease may just avoid a long list of other health problems, as well.

How General Wellness Impacts Oral Health

Just as oral diseases may increase your chance of developing other health problems, some preexisting conditions can make you more prone to oral health issues. For example, those with lowered immune systems from diseases like HIV/AIDS may have poor oral conditions worsened due to their body’s resistance to fighting off infections. Certain diseases come with their own oral health side effects or heighten the chances of oral problems coming along; patients with osteoporosis might experience tooth loss and periodontal bone loss, for instance.

You Are What You Eat

Diet can have a major effect on your oral health, regardless of how thorough your oral hygiene routine is. A recent study found that athletes who consumed a high amount of sugary sports drinks and energy bars were in poor oral health in spite of brushing their teeth the recommended twice-daily amount. Nutrition can either help or hinder your smile, so be wary about how you fuel.

Part of maintaining a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle means addressing every area of your body, including your mouth. When you ignore one aspect of your health, complications in other zones are sure to follow.

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