crooked teeth health problemsA perfectly straight smile is sure to make your confidence soar, but the advantages of correcting crooked teeth extend beyond aesthetics. Alignment issues can have a negative impact on your overall oral health, so it’s wise to straighten up before malocclusion causes additional problems. From enhancing your natural beauty to preventing major oral complications, teeth straightening can solve a wide array of smile concerns:

Easier Oral Hygiene

Misalignment can make maintaining the health of your smile a more difficult task. It’s harder to floss between teeth that overlap or are otherwise ill-aligned, meaning there’s a higher chance of missing bacteria and food particles during your daily oral maintenance routine. Failing to clean all the little crevices of your smile properly could result in cavities or even gum disease. Caring for straight teeth is much simpler and therefore reduces the risk of poor oral hygiene.

Improved Gum Health

Both crowding and wide gaps can make your gums more prone to inflammation, potentially resulting in periodontitis. Teeth realignment will provide a better fit for your gum tissue around your teeth, lessening undue pressure. Having your gums fit correctly around your teeth reduces the chance of getting periodontal disease.

Reduced Enamel Erosion

Crowding on the bottom arch of your mouth commonly results in protrusion of a single tooth or multiple teeth. These distended teeth then grind against the upper arch which may induce additional abrasion on tooth enamel. Improper bites caused by malocclusion puts extra pressure on teeth during daily activities like eating, which can result in irregular wear and chipped teeth. Correcting misalignment will prevent unnecessary deterioration of your smile.

Better Speaking Ability

The position of your teeth has a direct impact on your speaking patterns. Misalignment may cause speech impediments such as a lisp or stuttering. By correcting crooked teeth, you can also improve the way you verbally communicate. If malocclusion is the reason for your speaking difficulties, straightening your smile will provide a solution.

No matter what your reason is for seeking a straighter smile, correcting misalignment will improve many oral health concerns. Are you ready to reap the benefits of teeth straightening services? Reach out to our Marietta dental spa, and we’ll find the perfect solution for you.

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