tooth pain do’s and don’tsWhen you’re suffering from dental pain, it can disrupt your entire life. From discomfort while eating to gum tenderness and throbbing pain, a toothache is typically a symptom of a greater issue in your mouth.

There are several different causes for unexpected tooth pain, from decay to dental infection. If you have any dental pain at all, let your Dentistry at East Piedmont dentists know right away. Using state-of-the-art technology, we provide patients with emergency dental services.

We’ve listed the most basic do’s and don’ts of how to deal with tooth pain to ensure your comfort:

Tooth pain do’s

  • Gently floss your teeth. Food particles may be trapped in your teeth, causing you mild pain. A gentle flossing will clean the area and dislodge any food particles.
  • A salt water rinse. Rinsing your mouth with warm salt water can provide temporary toothache relief. The salt water rinse works to gently remove bacteria from the infected area.
  • Talk to your dentist. If your tooth pain persists, consult your dentist right away. Whether you have pain from a toothache or other dental concerns, you shouldn’t wait to seek out treatment.

Tooth pain don’ts

  • Never ignore the pain. Leaving tooth pain untreated is a risk to your oral health. If tooth decay or infection is causing your toothache, the problem can worsen and potentially infect your gums and other teeth.
  • Avoid a visit to the ER. If you are experiencing a severe toothache, going to the ER can lengthen the time it takes for you to receive proper treatment. The ER physicians may prescribe painkillers, but any underlying causes of your tooth pain will go untreated.
  • Never place aspirin directly on it. Placing aspirin on your tooth can burn and damage gum tissues. Not only will this not relieve your tooth pain, putting aspirin on the affected area can cause you even more pain in the long run.
  • Don’t self-diagnose. There are many different causes of dental pain, and diagnosing your symptoms without going to see a trained dentist can be dangerous. Your dentist has all the necessary skills and technology to determine the underlying cause of pain and the best course of treatment.

Dentistry at East Piedmont understands how important comfortable, efficient and professional emergency dental care is for those suffering with sudden dental problems. If you’re experiencing dental pain of any kind, let us know right away!

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