cosmetic dentistry financingThe benefits of cosmetic dentistry are obvious, but the pricing for each different service is often unclear.

While costs of cosmetic dentistry treatments in Atlanta vary significantly based on the procedure and the patient’s oral health, with dental financing options, you can achieve your smile goals no matter your budget.

Determining the Cost of Atlanta Cosmetic Dentistry

“How much does cosmetic dentistry cost?” is a tricky question, as cosmetic procedures can range from a few hundred dollars to somewhere in the thousands.

The price of your treatment will depend on which cosmetic dental procedures you select, the materials used, and the experience of your dentist, among other factors. The only way to get a real idea of what price point your cosmetic dentistry falls under is to schedule a cosmetic consultation so your Atlanta cosmetic dentist can assess your smile and your aesthetic goals to identify the right treatment plan for you.

Find out more about the price ranges of specific cosmetic dentistry treatments and what factors affect the overall cost.

The Dangers of Bargain Shopping

We all love a great deal, but when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, you should try to find a balance between cost and quality.

You may think that finding a cosmetic dentist with a low price point is a win, but those savings often come with complications and subpar results. If a cosmetic dentist is charging a suspiciously affordable price for treatments, ask yourself why the cost is so little for such an intensive process.

Before determining your budget, ask the following questions:

  • Are short-term savings worth it if I’m not happy with the shape or color of my veneers?
  • Is it worth it if my new smile begins to stain or crack within a few months?
  • Are the savings worth it if a restoration unexpectedly breaks or pops off?

Bargain-priced cosmetic dentistry can leave you with an unsatisfying outcome that doesn’t stand the test of time, meaning you’ll end up paying more down the line to correct your smile. It’s best to invest in quality treatment over immediate savings so you can get the results you want the first time around.

Understanding Your Financing Options

Even if you have great dental insurance, most plans do not cover purely cosmetic dental procedures. And if your plan doesn’t include the procedures you want, why try looking for a cosmetic dentist among the members of restricted preferred provider insurance networks?

Instead, find a cosmetic dentist that works with you and offers flexible payment plans for even those who don’t have dental insurance. Dentistry at East Piedmont partners with CareCredit and Lending Club to help patients make payments in a timeframe that works with their budget.

Final Note

Before you get up with the cost of a dental implant, sit down with your Atlanta cosmetic dentist and ask them questions. In turn, they may ask questions like, “What makes you think you need dental implants?” and so on. A one-on-one dental consultation is the perfect opportunity to find out more about the costs of different cosmetic treatments and determine which procedure is right for you.

In the end, the ultimate objective is to achieve a smile you are happy with – and will be pleased with for a long time. While Atlanta cosmetic dentistry can be expensive, there are plenty of options out there that make treatment affordable for everyone. If you’re interested in the confidence-boosting power of cosmetic dentistry but worried about the cost, contact Dentistry at East Piedmont today, and we’ll work on creating a treatment plan with your budget and specific goals in mind.

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