CEREC Technology Eliminates the Hassle of Getting a Dental Crown

Crowns don’t have to be a big ordeal. With the latest dental technology, getting a crown is a simple and seamless procedure. In this video, Dr. Erin Buxton talks about convenient CEREC single visit crowns.

Video Transcript

I’m gonna tell you a little bit more about single visit crowns. If you’ve ever experienced a traditional crown then you know you have to deal with messy impressions, temporary crowns, and two separate visits.

Now with our CEREC and CAD technology, we can offer same-day crowns without any mess and no temporaries.

CEREC crowns are designed by us and made from a solid ceramic bloc right here in the office. These crowns are metal-free, and they look and act just like your teeth.

To learn more about our CEREC technology and same-day crowns, please call our office today.

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