What should I do following dental implant surgery?Dental implant patients generally recover from their oral surgery somewhere between five and seven days, but certain aspects can impact the length of the healing process. Factors that influence your recovery timeline include the number of dental implants received and whether additional surgical procedures such as bone grafting were a requirement of your treatment plan.

Of course, your behavior will also affect the length and success of recovery from dental implant surgery. Follow these guidelines for a safer, more comfortable journey to recovery.


It’s common to feel some pain in the days following dental implant surgery, but this can typically be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers. However, medication that includes Aspirin can heighten chances of bleeding, so pick a pain reliever that doesn’t include this ingredient to be safe. Your dentist may also prescribe a stronger pain medication to help alleviate discomfort.


You might notice slight redness in your saliva and/or bleeding throughout the 24 hours post-surgery. If you find this bothersome, place water-moistened gauze pads at the site of bleeding, replacing the gauze every half-hour to an hour until bleeding ceases.


Swelling also typically occurs in patients who have received dental implants. This side effect will lessen naturally in time, but ice can be used to speed up the process. To implement this tactic, apply ice packs to your cheeks on the side of your face that has received a dental implant in 20-minute increments, waiting 20 minutes before you repeat the process. Warm compresses may also alleviate swelling, but should not be applied until after a full 24 hours have passed since dental implant surgery.


Diet plays a large role in your recovery process. Any foods that are spicy or hot must be avoided, as they can aggravate the incision site. Hard, sticky, or chewy meals may also prove bothersome to dental implant recovery. It’s best to follow a soft food diet for a few days until the healing process is complete. Additionally, refrain from drinking alcohol during this time; failing to do so may exacerbate swelling and discomfort, as well as slow down healing.

Additional Dental Implant Recovery Tips

  • Use a saltwater rinse two to three times daily to promote healing. Only follow this process after 24 hours have passed since your surgery.
  • Avoid tobacco usage for at least two weeks post-op. Smoking raises the chance of infection, which could lead to dental implant failure.
  • Get plenty of rest!

Your dentist should provide you with detailed post-op care instructions, which you must follow to promote safe healing from the teeth replacement service. Our Marietta dental spa makes sure patients are knowledgeable about the dental implant process each step of the way. Contact Dentistry at East Piedmont today to learn more about dental implants or set up an appointment!

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