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Restore Teeth in Just One Day

Traditional dental restoration with implants can take months and multiple visits. But with Teeth in a Day, we can give you a restored smile in just a single appointment.

The purpose of Teeth in a Day is to give patients a complete set of teeth, rather than completing a restoration with a single crown or partial.

Over the course of your ‘Teeth in a Day’ appointment…

  • Your remaining teeth will be removed
  • Your implant posts will be placed
  • Your new top or bottom dentures will be immediately attached

To make your appointment flow as smoothly as possible, your dentist will create a detailed plan beforehand. That way, when you arrive at our office on the day of your appointment, we’ll have a firm grasp of every phase of your procedure.

A Permanent Smile Transformation

Unlike traditional dentures, your Teeth in a Day restoration will result in a set of permanent dentures that you don’t remove. Instead, you’ll treat them as you would treat your natural teeth. What’s more, with your new teeth, you’ll be able to enjoy a healthy, comprehensive diet.

But for some, this will pale in comparison to just having a renewed sense of confidence. A smile marred by missing teeth can damage self-confidence. If you’ve been living with gaps in your smile, just having the ability to smile at loved ones or friends without feeling embarrassed or ashamed can be an invaluable experience.